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I had just finished fucking the hot nurse in the reception room, when a patient nearly burst in on us. I was flustered to say the least, sweat was running down my brow and cum was dripping out of the nurses pussy. Fuck! We got dressed as quickly as possible, I sat down and composed myself, then the patient came in. I’d not seen this woman here before, she was new and merely looking to do an annual preventive examination. Perfect. So I fumbled around and managed to find the right documents to take down her details. All my sweating and nervous behaviour must have been obviously, as she asked if I was well. I reassured her that I was fine, and asked if if she had over heard anything? Nothing she said. Bollocks I thought, these walls aren’t sound proof and the nurses screams of joy could have been heard in Moscow. I pressed further, where she revealed she had heard noises and they had turned her on. This was more like it! She then willingly took my cock in her hand, and then mouth, and within minutes I was fucking her over the desk. I then proceeded to tell her that eaves dropping was very rude and gave her a good spanking for this naughty act. I then finished off by unloading what was left in my bollocks all over both her wet holes. What a day! Wonder what tomorrow will bring?