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It had been a quiet day when a patient walked in and told me that she thought she was going through the menopause. I didn’t think that she was old enough to even be going through the change, so I sent her next door so we could take some blood and run some tests. When she came back in I decided to do a health check on her and as I was listening to her chest I began to notice how incredibly cute she was with a great figure and I remember her confessing to not having had a boyfriend for 6 years. I could feel myself getting hard as I thought how easy it could be to get this patient on the end of my throbbing cock. She hadn’t had sex in years, I wonder if the real reason she came was because she had heard of my reputation. I told her to get onto the examining table as I wanted to check her in case she had some intestinal problems. When she was lying reposed I asked her to remove her panties. I said I wanted to inspect her vagina and she could trust me and relax. As I thought, after six years of sexual abstinence, as I started probing her pussy she was soon squirming and sighing with delight. I asked her if I should stop and she told me no, and before I knew it my cock was halfway down her throat. This patient was a real sexual firecracker, she knew exactly how to fuck and gave it her all. Six years of sexual tension came exploding out of her as she fucked me all over my office in various positions. It was amazing and she had me so turned on that when it was my time to cum I whipped it out just in time and splashed my own stomach with the first salty salvo. An amazing fuck with a beautiful, cute woman. I can’t wait until she comes back in for her blood test results. Enjoy.