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I had just finished fucking my sexy nurse when with a knock on the door my receptionist told me that a patient had arrived to see me. My nurse and I scrambled in panic to get dressed, I didn’t even have time to get my trousers on and I’d have to hope this patient didn’t notice that all I had on was my white doctors coat. I sat behind my desk as the nurse ushered her in. She was a very beautiful looking woman who was complaining that she was feeling very fatigued and that she could feel some pressure on her chest. I got her to lift her top up as I listened to her breathing and I couldn’t help but notice the lovely shape of her breasts. Could this actually be possible? I had literally shot my load into my nurses mouth only a few minutes ago but here I was getting turned on and thinking about how I could seduce this next patient. I told her that her lungs sounded fine and that I thought she should have a more positive outlook on life and be filled with more optimism as it might be because she felt miserable that she felt ill. I also added she should have lots of sex to keep her spirits up. She told me she didn’t have much luck with men and didn’t feel very optimistic in that regard. This was my way into this patients panties and I began to shower her with compliments. I began to massage her breasts over her top and although she was unsure about what I was suggesting at first, I soon won her over and she was on her back on my examining table as my tongue carved its way into her tight pussy. The next 15 minutes or so were ones of pure pleasure, as this amazing woman moaned and groaned with joy as we fucked in several positions. She loved every minute of it and having cum earlier I had complete ball control. It was only right towards the end as I pounded her over my desk from behind that I reached the vinegar stroke and I whipped my cock out just in time to spill my second load of seed for the day all over her amazing ass cheeks. This was turning out to be one of the best days in the clinic that I have ever had.