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The doctor was nowhere to be seen, so I was in his office awaiting his arrival when in walked a ripped stud who seemed to be full of cold. Upon closer inspection it seemed he was suffering from some allergy, possibly an allergic reaction to his dog, but to be fair I was only half listening as my eyes drank in his muscly figure. I was feeling horny so I decided to have some fun with this patient before the good doctor arrived. I told him to strip of his clothes and to go lie on the examining table where I would check him over. I began inspecting his groin area and I saw his cock tighten in his pants. I slipped my hand inside his shorts and began to play with his stiffening cock. I asked if he minded and he said no, but could we lock the door. I locked the door and then whipped his cock out and stuffed it into my mouth. He had a beautiful cock, thick and muscly just like the rest f his body. He began to play with my amazing ass and I was soon dripping with desire. I mounted him in cowgirl, my tight pussy gripping his cock like it was never going to release it. What followed was an amazing fuck session with a guy who had wrote the book on how to fuck a woman properly. We fucked in a few positions and he kept my orgasm on the brink until he was pummeling into me in the missionary position and my orgasm exploded in my stomach, causing my body to convulse and cry out with pleasure. As good as this was, we needed to finish up as the doctor would be back soon. I got on my knees and sucked his cock until he pulled out and fired the first salty salvo inside my hot mouth with the second landing on my cheek. I love my job, who would have thought being a nurse could be so much fun.