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When this sexy, slim, short patient walked in she took my breath away. She had a very pretty face and I loved the shape of her body, so it was with great difficulty I tried to hide my erection which was threatening to burst through my trousers. She was Russian and so we had a small language barrier problem, but she managed to convey to me that her spine was hurting. After examining her I gave her a small injection of a muscle relaxant to see if that would help her, and then because I wanted to get hands on with this curvy beauty, I offered to massage the afflicted area. Her skin felt silky smooth and it was with great reluctance that I finished the massage and then asked to see her insurance card. This is where my luck changed as this naughty minx confessed to having no money and no insurance. Then, much to my surprise, she offered to settle the debt for her treatment some other way. She leaned forward and we began to kiss softly. Time to claim my reward for the treatment. I removed her shorts and began to lick and probe her pussy with my tongue., She tasted as delicious as she looked and I knew I was in for a treat with this beauty, What followed next was one of my best treatment sessions in this surgery. We fucked in lots of positions all over my office. Her pussy was tight and wet and watching her face contorted with pleasure as I fucked her hard and deep really tested my the safety catch on my testicles. Her moans were music to my ears and her slim, short figure was a pleasure to watch from every angle. After she had cum many times it was my turn and I told her I wanted to see my sperm in her mouth. She hungrily took my cock in her moth and wanked and sucked me until I shot my testicle ointment into and all over her mouth. What an outstanding fuck this beauty was, I was so glad she had turned up with no insurance and no money. One of the best patients I’ve had so far in my surgery, enjoy.