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My nurse was running late again and when I got the call from her telling me that there was a patient that needing registering to the practice waiting in the reception, I almost lost my cool. She has been late quite a lot lately and I think she’s taking advantage of my lovely nature. Anyway, I digress, I went to the reception and my day brightened up considerably as the very lovely and gorgeous looking Emily was awaiting for me there. We began to fill in the registration form and we hit a slight bump, she had no ID and no medical insurance details with her. I said I could do a basic checkup anyway and we could work something out, she was keen to go ahead so proceed I certainly did. I checked her breasts, pushing her lovely bolt like nipples around with my fingers. I could tell from her breathing she was getting moist so I stood up and took control. We kissed passionately before I turned her around, slid her jeans down and began to fuck her from behind. I love this position, the deep penetration and her tight pussy were almost too much for me. She was a very quiet lover, but when she did have her orgasm I could feel her body pulsing and trembling beneath me. I put her on her back next and fucked her all over my receptionists desk until I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I pulled out and shot a wad of spunk all over her body. A great morning despite my nurses running late once again.