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I was just doing some last minute paper work when my reception nurse came into my office to discuss something. I asked her what was on her mind and she said that her and her boyfriend were saving to buy a house and she wanted a pay rise to help them save. I told her the pay grade is not just up to me and she would need to study to get better qualifications if she wanted more money. But then she walked around my desk and knelt down in front of me and started slowly sliding her hands across my cock. She said all she wanted was to make me happy and I should just sit back and let her show me how. I was of course very aroused, this was a very attractive lady. She then reached into and pants and grabbed my cock while looking at me as she rolled her tongue all over the tip of my dick. As much as I enjoyed watching her I now needed to taste her pussy. I got her to lay down on my desk with her legs wide open as I danced my tongue all over her clit whilst she gasped with delight. I could not wait much longer and it was time to see how tight her pussy was going to be when I slide my cock deep into her.