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My nurse brought an absolutely drop dead gorgeous Russian woman into my office and I had to pick my jaw up off the desk before she noticed me drooling all over my stethoscope. She had come to us as she suffered from severe claustrophobia and she had a flight to catch the next day and was worried that she would have a panic attack once inside the plane. This fear of travelling can be quite common, but she sounded very worried even thinking about it. She was so gorgeous there was no way I could leave my office without seeing what kind of body she hid under those clothes of hers, so I decided to get Tracy involved with this. I told her that I could give her some pills to relax her whilst she travelled, but I would like to try a new method of massaging the body to help her to relax before she traveled. I told her that my nurse was very skilled in this and would she like to give it a go? Once she agreed I called Tracy in and she soon understood my ploy and what I was going for and quickly got the patient to lay down on the examining table. It wasn’t long before Tracy’s skilful hands had worked the patient up into a lust fever and I had front row seats as they devoured each others bodies, fingers and tongues exploring greedily. Tracy brought her to a beautiful orgasm right in front of me and then she straddled the patient, thrusting her mound down onto her upturned face. For someone with claustrophobia she didn’t seem to mind my nurses, tight, confined spaces. Tracy’s amazing ass worked backwards and forwards on my patients mouth until she came loud and hard. I moved towards the table where they lay, both breathing heavily. Tracy had enjoyed her time with the patient, but now it was my turn to help her with my own brand of treatment, mainly my cock.