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This beautiful blonde sauntered into my office complaining that she had not been able to orgasm since she underwent some surgery on her stomach some years before. This was what I considered to be a very serious issue, and I would not let her leave my office without it unaddressed. I got her onto the examining table and bent over her to closely to study her scar. Her scar seemed fine and her stomach was beautifully slim, I could feel myself begin to get erect as my face was so close to her body. I needed to move this along and I told her that I would like to study her genitals as I had studied gynecology some years before. She laughed but humored me and I was soon performing a sensitivity test, inserting my digits into her tight pussy. She couldn’t feel anything so I told her I would need to perform an oral massage. She readily agreed and before she could realize what she had agreed to I was in between her legs, sucking and licking her pussy with everything I had. After some amazing oral skills from me she had her first orgasm in years and I stood up with a big grin on my face. Now it was time to see if my cock in her tight pussy could produce even more orgasms and cure this patient once and for all.