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It had been a quiet morning at the hospital and I was looking forward to seeing my next patient to see if I could spice it up. In walked a stunning redhead with a short skirt and an infectious smile. She told me she had a cold and a cough but upon my initial inspection I could find nothing wrong with her. When I told her I could prescribe her nothing as nothing was wrong, she produced a document in front of me asking me to sign it. It turns out this sexy redhead wasn’t ill at all, but wanted me to sign her off work for eight days sick so she could decorate her apartment. Well, as a consummate professional this was something I would not normally do, but this sexy redhead seemed to really badly need the time off. She walked over to me and began to flirt with me, striking a deal that I would sign it by slipping my cock into her hot mouth. This surgery session was in full swing and I made her earn her days off work as I fucked her in all manner of positions all over the office. She was an incredible fuck, her tight pussy seizing my dick and milking it for my medical waste. After fucking her to my hearts content I decided to take the safety trigger off my balls as I pounded into her hard from behind before pulling out and shooting a ribbon of spunk all over my arm and her pert ass cheeks. I hope she needs more time off work in the near future.