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I was just going over some notes for the Doctor when I had this guy walk in. He was so hot. Shaved head, really fit body. Just my type. It seemed the thing he was most concerned about was getting his muscles bigger! They don’t need to be, they’re perfect. Anymore and he’d start to look ugly. So I started testing the water, I got him to take his shirt off and show me his tight abs. Wow, they were amazing! I could see he wouldn’t be able to resist me if I started coming on to him…and I was right! I started sucking his hard cock before I got him to pull down my tight nurses outfit, bend me over the desk and start fucking me from behind. Then I got him to flip me on my back, I grabbed his head and thrust his face in to my shaved pussy. I let him lick my clit until I wanted him fuck me some more. Then I let him cum all over my pussy!