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After watching my nurse Tracy have her wicked way with this stunning busty Russian blonde on my examining table it was my turn to offer her my very own alternative treatment. I thanked Tracy and she left to go back to reception, whilst I offered this stunning wet patient my own deal. That she could have this treatment for free as she had no insurance, but she had to let me fuck her all over my office first. She was still horny from Tracy’s sexual skills and she readily agreed as I squeezed her firm, big breast with my hand. This was turning out to be an awesome day and I was soon balls deep as I checked her temperature with my meat thermometer. Her pussy was as tight as the claustrophobic spaces she was worried about, and my cock glistened with her moist wetness as I slid it deep inside her. It was like a dream com true, and when she mounted me on my office floor, big breasts bouncing as she rode up and down, it took all of my self control not to blow my medicine inside her. This patient was driving me wild and it was time to finish her treatment. I got her to lay back on the table and I thrusted in and out of her before pulling out and blowing my juice all over her firm stomach. One patient cured of claustrophobia and one very satisfied doctor and nurse. An all round successful day of treatment at my clinic.