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It’s not often that I get a beautiful brunette patient walking into the clinic complaining that everywhere that she touches on her body is painful. At first I thought she had some sort of virus, as everywhere that she touched on her body caused her some pain. When I got her on the examining table in her underwear the first thing I noticed was what an amazing figure she had. She had a slim, petite build with a body that was irresistible to the eyes. She had no fever and seemed to generally be in good health, so I was stumped at first as to what could be wrong. Then it dawned on me that every time she used her finger to point out the pain, that’s where she said she was hurting. Turns out this beautiful brunette should probably be blonde, as all she had wrong with her was a broken finger. I swear I couldn’t contain my laughter once we had resolved the problem and she even saw the funny side herself. As I got her to sit up on the examining table we seemed to share an intimate moment and before I knew it we were locked in a deep sensual kiss. Passion and lust quickly overtook us and I took her panties off and started to feast on her sweet tasting pussy. Her cries of pleasure got me harder then a rock and I pulled my cock out and began to fuck her right there on the examining table. She loved every minute of it as I fucked her hard and fast with long, deep strokes and her orgasms shook her entire body. I turned her around and began to fuck her from behind and watching that amazing ass coupled with her moans of pleasure proved too much for me and I shot a prescription of my medical juice all over her arse cheeks. This brunettes broken finger had proved to be an exceptional start to my morning in the clinic and it was time to clean up the mess and prepare myself for the next patient.