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Now this really was unexpected, I had finished work for the day, sent my nurse home and was getting changed for the journey home when in walked a new cleaning lady to come and clean my office. She was a cute, sexy, short woman with a bubbly personality and a wicked glint in her eye. I carried on getting changed and asked her why she wanted to work here at out clinic. When she replied it was because she loves men in white cloaks my jaw almost hit the floor. This roles had been reversed and this cleaning lady was trying to seduce me. I teased her a little and she flirted outrageously with me until I finally stepped in close and gave her the kiss that closed the deal. As I pulled her panties to one side to get to her delicious pussy, I still couldn’t get over the fact that she had seduced me. But then my tongue hit her sticky pussy and all other thoughts fled my mind. What followed was an incredible fucking session in my office. Her tight, perfectly proportioned body was devoured by my fingers, cock and tongue as I fucked her in all kinds of positions. The woman was an amazing fuck and I had to take some breaks to lick her pussy again to stop my balls from blowing a reactor and covering her in my medical jam. Then, just as I had her bent over the examination table and I was really fucking her deep and hard from behind, there comes a knock on the door. I panicked and told them to stay outside, but in walks my nurse with a Christmas tree and presents for the office. Now my nurse and I have an understanding, the sexy nymph I was balls deep in seemed the type to have some fun, so maybe I could get my nurse involved in our little after hours session. This was about to get very interesting indeed.