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I was left in charge of the good doctors patients again today whilst he was away and very glad I was too when the first stud of the day walked in looking handsome and buff. He complained about having a pain in his testicles and I knew it would be easy to get this stud aroused when I was squeezing his balls with my soft hands. He said he had not had sex for a long time or masturbated and I guessed then that this stud just had a case of blue balls that needed draining. I got him on his knees on the the examining table and I massaged his balls whilst I stroked his cock. He asked me if this was a normal method I used and I told him I needed to check everything. His cock was growing rapidly in my hand now as I stroked him to his full, erect length. I couldn’t wait any longer and I got down on my knees and sucked his length into my mouth. His groans of pleasure meant he was all mine now and I was more then happy. I wanted to see how well he could fuck and he went at it with abandon. We fucked everywhere in all positions, his cock powering into me as his impressive stamina shone through. By the time we had finished fucking in several positions, hard and fast, my knees were weak from several orgasms and I was spent. I was beginning to think if this stud would ever stop as he fucked me furiously on the desk again, but then without warning he pulled out and shot a thick rope of cum onto my stomach. His balls were drained and he was feeling better, I love nursing my patients back to good health.