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When one of your hottest nurses comes to you holding a resignation letter as she’s found better paid work with another practice with shorter working hours, then it’s time to take immediate action. Anna hadn’t been with us long, but understood completely how intimately all the staff got on and slotted right into place. Plus she was amazingly hot, could suck a golf ball through a straw and had a pussy so tight it would grip your cock like an attack dog. There was no way she was leaving this practice, I had enjoyed many intimate sessions with her and I would not be denied these in the future. I told her I would see if I could get her a rise and I began constantly complimenting her as I undid the buttons of her nurses uniform. I had a raging erection in my trousers and Anna was just the right nurse to take care of it. She agreed not to quit until I’d seen what I could do to help her with her salary, then she said little to nothing as her expert lips slurped up and down my shaft with her talented tongue working over my helmet. This nurse was one incredible fuck and I love her tight wet pussy, so after moving to the examining table and licking her moist hole, I slid deeply and tightly into her. Wow, this pussy was magnificent, this was going to take lots of ball control. We fucked in some of my favorite positions, her riding skills in cowgirl are amazing, and then I put her back on the desk and gave her an amazing orgasm with my own skilled tongue. Unfortunately I had patients waiting, so I told her to get dressed. Low and behold, before we could get our clothes on, my receptionist sent a woman patient barging straight into my office. With the scent of sex still heavy in the air and both of us practically naked, this was going to take some explaining.