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My next patient was in for a health checkup for her to apply for her first driving license. She was very pretty and at twenty years old she would be a prize for any man. As we were talking I realised I knew her father as he owns a local bakery here in town. This made me a bit nervous so I thought it would be best to play this one straight for now and keep it as professional as I could. After doing the basic tests there was just one more thing to do and that was the eye test, although this was not covered by the insurance. After the test was completed I did have a hard on for this beauty but was unsure of how to close the deal. After she explained to me that it was not possible for her to pay for the eye test, I knew this was the way to get into her knickers and with little encouragement she started to undress herself whist looking very seductivly into my eyes. I slowly walked over to her and we started to kiss. I loved touching her soft naked body and as she undressed me I was knew this was gonna be one to remember.