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It was just a normal day at the hospital today when in walked a gorgeous, busty blonde. She took my breath away she was so hot and I could feel my cock growing in my trousers. She had come for a health check for her work and when I asked her what she did for a living she told me she was a porn star. I was a little taken aback, having a real life stunning porn star in my clinic doesn’t happen every day. I began to take some details down and then I asked her some personal questions about her line of work. She told me that anyone could do it and I began to get a sense that we were flirting with each other. I told her I would not be able to get erect if I was on camera or having sex somewhere that was not at home. She made me a bet and said she could get my cock hard in under a minute. There was no way I was turning this bet down and soon enough she was on her knees stuffing my rock hard member down her throat. This woman was amazing, I quickly took her knickers off and tasted her juicy pussy. I was about to fuck a porn star and I’d need every trick in the book to impress her. She had an amazing figure and big tits that bounced around as I slid inside her on my desk. This woman could fuck, her pussy was vice tight and her tits were mesmerizing. I gave it all I had, fucking her fast and hard all over the office in my favorite positions. After she had cum several times I simply couldn’t hold back any longer and I pulled out and shot my medical waste all over her stomach and pussy lips. She told me I could have a job in her line of work which was quite a compliment, but I’m very happy in my current job.