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I had a young lady come in today, from the UK, and she was looking to get a stamp on her form that said she was legally able to drive. She was wearing glasses but unless they are very strong, it isn’t a problem. Of course, as fate would have it, her glasses were far too strong for her to drive legally on the roads in this particular country. But the law is the law and I had to let her know that. She stormed off in a fit of rage. I felt really bad, I didn’t want that to be the case. As I was feeling bad about what I’d done, she came rushing back in, chucked her bag down and grabbed me by the shirt. “I really need that stamp” she said and then from nowhere she kissed me! I said it couldn’t work this way. But she wasn’t having any of it. She showed me her perfect ass in her tight hot pants. I couldn’t resist. I went over to her and began kissing her passionately. She got on her knees and started sucking me off! I wanted more than that for me to give her my seal of approval though. I bent her over and pulled down her panties and thrust my tongue inside her wet pussy! Then I got my hard cock and started fucking her hard from behind! I wanted to fuck her everywhere! We fucked on the desk, the examination table, all over the room! All before leaving her with a delicious cream pie!