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I was sitting in the doctors office and I got the shock of my life when an old college professor of mine walked in for an appointment. He was surprised to see me also but he recognized me instantly even though we hadn’t seen each other in over ten years. I had always fancied my college professor, he always seemed very sexy and knowledgeable. As we chatted and caught up I learned that he was now separated from his wife and that he was single. This was perfect, I was going to seduce him and finally fuck this guy that I had been lusting after for more then ten years. I sent him away to get me a urine sample and I undid the top few buttons on my top to give him a glimpse of my breasts. When he returned I began my seduction and he soon knew what I was after. After reassuring him that we would not be disturbed, I soon had his cock out and was stuffing it down my throat. I was so wet and excited at the thought of finally fucking this man that I needed to feel his cock inside me before I burst with anticipation. I have to say that he didn’t let me down, he fucked me hard and he fucked me well. There were a few moments where he lost his erection slightly, but it must have been overwhelming for him having a former student of his fucking him in a doctors office, so who could blame him. After we had fucked in several positions I wanted to see his cum shot and I held my mouth open as he wanked himself to orgasm into my mouth. An amazing start to the day and I can tick fucking him off my bucket list.