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This was turning out to be a brilliant end to a tough working week. My nurse had stumbled on my self and the cleaning lady in the middle of our after hours fuck session by delivering a Christmas tree and presents to my office. As I said earlier, my nurse and I have an understanding, the sexy nymph I was balls deep in seemed the type to have some fun, so I asked if she would mind if my nurse joined in. The little nymph seemed game so over came my nurse and off went her panties. This really was like all my Christmases had come at once as my nurse, the cleaning lady and myself fucked in all manner of positions all over my office. Hands were everywhere, grasping and kneading, tongues flickered in and out hot wet pussies and my cock was sliding in and out of both of them at different times. It was almost too much, I wanted to do everything to both of them so there were lots of position changes and my cock remained rock hard throughout. One of my favorites was when the nurse was riding my cock to orgasm as the cleaning lady sat on my face and they were facing each other and kissing and squeezing each others tits. After what seemed like an amazing eternity of blissful pleasure I simply could not hold onto my load any longer. I deserve a medal for lasting as long as I did. I powered into the cleaning lady whilst my nurse sat on her face and I felt my cum shooting up from my balls, coursing through my cock like a tidal wave before erupting all over her body below me. What a sweaty, sticky amazing way to close a working week. I will not forget this session in a hurry.