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A gorgeous looking, glasses wearing trainee came into my office today, she was after an internship and needed my expertise with all things medical. She showed a keen interest and was willing to do whatever it took to secure the internship. I sensed we had a chemistry and it wasn’t long before I was giving her an internal examination with my skin flute. She drew me deep into her hot wet mouth and it was all I could do to not spill my medical waste there and then. She had a great body and I intended to get to know every inch of her. I fucked her on my desk with intense fast strokes before getting her to ride me hard on my office floor. Her body was incredible and her pussy tasted hot and wet. I flipped her over the desk once more and after some furious pounding I just managed to pull out in time before firing both barrels over her tight, pert ass cheeks. I sense a bright future for this beautiful, naughty trainee.